This page has descriptions, performance, videos (typically of staged readings), and scripts of my plays.  All of the scripts are under copyright.  If you would like to stage one of these scripts, contact me for permission. 

Auction Day


Comedy, Run time 15 minutes. Cast: 2 female (1 40s, 1 20s), 2 male (40s)

On the day of the annual fundraising auction, the head of a private school is confronted by parents with special requests.


  • Mendocino College Short Play Festival, Ukiah CA, May 2015
  • Sonoma Country Day School Founders' Circle, Santa Rosa, CA, March 2014
  • Staged Reading, Santa Rosa CA, September 2013 


Performance of Auction Day, March 2014, at Sonoma Country Day School, directed by Monica McKey, featuring Barry Martin, Nora Summers, Chris Schloemp, and Saskia Baur.  If you want to skip the introduction, go to 2:35.

Staged reading of Auction Day, September 2013, directed by John Browning, and featuring Adam Burkholter, Laura Tennyson, Chris Schloemp, and Jessica Cote. 


 Drama/Comedy, Run time 100 minutes.  Cast:  2 female (1 60s, 1 40s), 5 male (3 30s-40s, 2 20s).

The challenges of a young man as he pushes up against social, ethical and sexual mores. He encounters a cynical professor and mentor, a socially challenged employer, a “master of the universe” boss, and several women who help shape his life. He uncovers a potential scandal involving fraudulent securities that forces him to choose whether to blow the whistle and protect his clients and face financial ruin.  


  • Staged Reading at Tides Theater, San Francisco, November 2014
  • Staged Reading at 6th Street Playhouse, Santa Rosa, CA, February 2014

Golden Girl


Drama/Comedy, Run time 30 minutes. Cast: 3 female (60s)

Three former twirlers from a college marching band in the 1960s return for a reunion raise unresolved old conflicts and create some new ones.    


  • Staged Reading, Santa Rosa CA, July 2014  

Staged reading of Golden Girl, July 2014, directed by Craig Miller, and featuring mollie boice, Lennie Dean, and Monica McKey