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November 3, 2018


Sonoma Country Day School

Santa Rosa, CA


August 28 - September 1, 2018

Jack Studio Theatre

London, UK

(British Theatre Challenge)

Psych Nick

May 18-19, 2018

Mendocino College Festival of New Plays

Ukiah, CA


March 2-11, 2018

6th Street Playhouse

Santa Rosa, CA


October 20 & 21, 2017

Stockwell Playhouse

London, UK

(British Theatre Challenge)

Crisis of Character

October 13 - 15, 2017

Durango Arts Center

Durango, CA

My TED "Talk"

It's the morning of November 3rd.  Today will be a first -- the first ever TED talk comprised entirely as a play.  This has been an interesting (meaning difficult) script -- honoring the the typical TED audience with complex issues and technology in the play.  But the purpose of theater is to inspire and entertain, and I hope we have accomplished that as well.

The "we" in the previous sentence is not just the humble version of "I" -- this was a true work of collaboration.  The actors worked with me on dialogue, even using improv for some conversations that shifted the text.  Craig also made dialogue suggestions, and the actors and I provided some thoughts on staging.  And of course, Craig and the actors brought forth wonderful interpretations of the text during rehearsal that filled a black and white script with a kaleidoscope of colors.  Besides word processing, the greatest gift a playwright can receive is a talented director and cast.  The holiday season came early this year.

Now it's on with the show.

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